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Canary’s vision is a world in which communicating across cultures becomes simple and intuitive, empowering people to forge more meaningful connections.


Globalization finds disparate countries with distinct cultures and languages doing business together, but struggling to understand one another. The world is becoming increasingly more connected through technology, yet the cultural and language communication gap continues to widen. With the current lack of focused tools to help people engage in an empathetic and sensitive manner, the instances of fostering healthy cross-cultural interactions are few and far between. The commonplace misunderstandings, friction, and tension that result from frequent cross-cultural communication stems from one critical source, the inability to accurately pronounce a person’s name.


Canary, the first of its kind, intelligent database of vocalized name pronunciations. Canary is comprised of a platform and database that will allow users to capture, store and share their proper name pronunciation in their own spoken voice in order to promote positive and streamlined global marketplace communication. Canary has the opportunity to be a transformative and paradigm shifting solution for businesses that interface with their customers, elevating the overall customer engagement experience and creating unparalleled competitive advantage. The need for businesses to possess cultural intelligence today, especially in a constantly evolving environment and cluttered marketplace, is mission critical in terms of how companies achieve high customer satisfaction and optimize revenue opportunities.

What Gracenote is to the music industry as the largest database of video and music metadata that powers the most popular entertainment products, apps and services, we aim to be the most robust platform for name pronunciation data that will help enterprises build trust and meaningful relationships with their customers.

Additionally, what LinkedIn is to the global workforce as a social networking service that connects professionals with the purpose of creating economic opportunities, we aim to connect working professionals across the globe by providing access to a platform and communication tool that makes building connections simpler through name pronunciation, resulting in shared economic value.

How Canary Works

At its core, Canary is entering the very established “data-driven” market. The sphere of capturing, curating, managing, and sharing user data. Canary’s unique value proposition is that we a re creating a valuable experience with previously unused data, the digital audible pronunciation of names. The primary method for capturing this data point will be directly through our partner’s and customer’s platform. A seamless applet or widget will be integrated into the user profile build or edit section of their platform. Additionally, direct access will be provided to the Canary web portal.

The Ecosystem

Compelling Use Cases

Healthcare (Doctor Perspective)

Being a doctor at a major medical center and teaching hospital is a challenging yet rewarding job. The multitude of nationalities of patients from around the world makes the breadth of medical cases interesting. However, it is also difficult for physicians and medical staff to properly pronounce the names of patients when first greeting them. The personal touch and recognition of calling a patient by their name is an integral part of the healing process that many doctors and hospital staff want to get right when building that rapport.


Executives in multinational corporations regularly have video conferences and face to face meetings with clients and key partners from around the world. It is often tense and challenging when trying to discern the pronunciation of the names of the people attending the meeting in advance. This is a frequent point of contention as many people worry about starting the meeting off on the right foot, while honoring and respecting cultural traditions.


Students, administrators, and faculty often find themselves at school community events where they have to make introductions for the keynote speaker at the beginning of a lecture or a ceremony. Many stress and have anxiety over these introductions when there is uncertainty about accurately pronouncing the person’s name.

Canary as a stand alone app

Canary has the ability to scale and become a stand alone app that connects with social media outlets. Users who have captured their name pronunciation can share with other users via their contact book or social media contacts.

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