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Agent Snap

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Nothing makes your listings look their very best like professional real estate photography, but not every real estate listing has the budget for it. Agent Snap lets you take surprisingly high quality photos of those listings using just your iPhone or iPad.


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Canary, the first of its kind, intelligent database of vocalized name pronunciations. Canary is comprised of a platform and database that will allow users to capture, store and share their proper name pronunciation in their own spoken voice.

The Power of Smell

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This framework allows any user to access a smell tag that has been captured and re-share it through social media, a business’ website or personal engagement. Open&ense has created a coding language to convert scent molecules into a digital language that can be leveraged on existing and future technologies.


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Fiero seeks to explore factors that increase levels of student engagement in the learning process within the school experience. The project will explore two ideas: 1) that external factors can positively affect levels of student engagement, and 2) that a fully engaged student will enjoy a more successful school experience.