Andrew Young

Andrew Young

Andrew Young is firmly planting his feet in the world of design thinking and experiential design. He spends his day leveraging and exposing design thinking to all business units, along with watching both internal and external users for process or product insights.   

Andrew is focused on solving challenges through both a quantitative and qualitative lens. He is passionate about the user experience and the whys of the hows. He has deep experiences bridging design & business, solving challenges with patterns, user insights and researching to become a subject matter expert. Andrew leads teams and works hands-on.

I’ve done some writing, you can find it on Medium.

Prior to doing user research, product strategy and experiential design. I spent time as a graphic and web designer. View archives of design work.

I had the pleasure of completing my dMBA in Design Strategy and Innovation from California College of the Arts in San Francisco. Check out the amazing hybrid program blending a traditional MBA with Design Thinking.

dMAB at CCA or program blog

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